What is Eventmie Pro?


It's an event planning, management, and ticket selling script. With Eventmie Pro, you can launch a dedicated platform for Event planning on your domain. In other words, it's a self-hosted multi-organizational event management system. Streamline the event planning process through automation. Eventmie Pro is secure, scalable, customizable, and production-ready.


Install it as a new website or into an existing one and start selling your events in your way. ZERO commission & 100% PROFIT.


You can also invite multiple event organizers to sell events on your website and charge a commission from them. It's like, running your own Eventbrite like venture with Eventmie Pro.


If you're a single organization, you can TURN OFF multi-organization mode in Eventmie Pro, and use it as a single organization event website.



Purchase Eventmie Pro

Eventmie Pro Version comes with Commercial license. Pro version is fully loaded with a lot of useful and business growing features.


Lite Version

Eventmie Lite Version is for demo purposes only, you can check out the free demo before purchasing the Pro version. Lite (demo) version has got very limited (just 5% of Pro version) features & functionality. Lite version is also not recommended for production use.


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